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Kevin Oxendine: Lower Middle Market Entrepreneurship And Search Fund Boards

Episode Summary

Kevin Oxendine answers questions about his professional journey as an operator and investor, and reflects on key lessons learned along the way for lower middle market Boards of Directors.

Episode Notes

Kevin is a Partner at Pacific Lake Partners and works closely with search fund entrepreneurs throughout their search, acquisition, and operating phases and is a Board Member of Emporos and Kantola. 

In this episode, we discuss the critical differences between the COO and CEO role, the search fund model, and deep dive into search fund boards and their life cycle, from the search phase to the acquisition and liquidity event. 

We also discuss what it means for Boards Members to work with relatively young CEOs, as well as the role of independent Board Members and alignment with search fund CEOs. Finally, we also talk about Board compensation and why Board members can be the best mentors for a young CEO.

If you want to follow some of the best investors in the lower middle market, check out what Kevin and his team are up to at You can also follow Kevin and Pacific Lake on LinkedIn or Twitter @koxendine & @PacificLake. For more podcasts on how to build better Boards, join us at and follow us on Twitter @boardsnetwork.